Six Sigma SA Minitab and Companion

Six Sigma Europe Minitab and Companion

Minitab and Companion

Minitab is a software package that helps you to analyse data. Minitab provides a quick, effective solution for the level of analysis required in most Six Sigma projects. It's an essential tool in process improvement, making it essential to any Six Sigma program.

Minitab is the leading software used for statistics education at more than 4,000 colleges and universities worldwide. More students learn statistics with Minitab than with any other software. Thousands of world-class companies use Minitab and they recruit graduates who do, too.

Companion gives your team everything it needs to streamline and standardize your process improvement program. It puts all of your tools in one easy-to-use application, so you'll spend less time managing projects and more time moving them forward.

With its' customizable project procedures, the Companion is adjustable to any company standard. Likewise, a company standard can be defined during the running of a project. In a nutshell, Companion is a software platform for managing your continuous improvement program

By combining Minitab (the statistical analysis software) and Companion, team members of improvement projects obtain a complete solution to perform their projects with maximal efficiency, since all essential data are stored in one standard, multi-user-abled environment.

Projects can be started by using tools from Companion. You can maintain the overview, while Minitab can be specifically applied to analyze critical points, and Gage R&R, Process Capability Analyses as well as DoE (Design of Experiments) can be performed. These software packages optimize any quality initiative.